Professor Graeme C. Wake


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Biography & research interests

Professor Graeme Wake is currently Director of Massey University’s Centre for Mathematics in Industry which focuses on solving problems arising in Industry—interpreted widely to include the biological, health, and financial industries, not just the traditional engineering areas. Graeme is a versatile applied mathematician who has been instrumental in focusing applied mathematics on issues of specific relevance to New Zealand and elsewhere, particularly in modelling biological systems in the agricultural, health and industrial sectors. He has applied ingenious mathematics to develop models for the spontaneous combustion of wool, hay and lignite; the growth of pasture for optimum production; population dynamics and control of unwanted animals and plants; pollution; and minimisation of the effects of epidemics, and environmental damage by pests. In collaboration with biologists and clinical oncologists, he has developed innovative models of tumour cell growth with applications to cancer therapy. Recently he has made contributions to life-history modelling, which involves looking at gene-expression. His work is reported in more than 200 refereed publications.

Contact details

Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences

Massey University (Albany)

Private Bag 102 904

Auckland 0745, New Zealand

Email g.c.wake <at>; Phone +64 9 1440800 ext 41053